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Golfshot AR

Golfshot AR Brings Augmented Reality To The Course

Improve your performance with a host of handy features.

Golfshot is an application for mobile devices that is designed to help players manage their game and gain valuable data to improve their golf game. Now following an update the app now features a number of augmented reality (AR) features to give users even more options to improve their golf game.

Golfshot AR

The new AR features bring features similar to that of a rangefiner while being able to display a number of different GPS distances. This also also allows users to turn the app around a 360-degree rotation to scan and see the whole course, allowing the app to be used at any location. Thanks to a database of over 40,000 charted courses, users will be able to tap, zoom and display hazards and course information all with their mobile device. The app is even able to offer users a number of suggestions on what club to use when playing again thanks to the charted courses built into the app.

Golfshot AR is also able to provide world-class coaching directly within the app thanks to an extensive and dynamic video library featuring golf coaching experts like Martin Chuck, Sean Foley and Andrew Rice. Users will be able to elevate their game thanks to the access of over 350 personalized videos, with recommended playlists to match your skill level and help you focus on areas that need improvement. This, along with the support of the caddie and the AR 360-degree data at your fingertips makes Golfshot AR a must have for all golf players.

golfshot AR

Created by the team at Shotzoom, the app has gone on to win an Apple Design Award and be named the Apple App Store Essentials Hall of Fame thanks to its creative use of AR technology.

The app is available now on iOS and Android to download now with subscription options available to unlock some of the pro features. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Golfshot AR in the future, so make sure to keep reading to stay up to date. You can see the short promotional video for the app below as well.

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