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Gungrave VR to Appear at Anime Expo

XSEED Games will be exhibiting a number of titles at Anime Expo, including Gungrave VR.

Gungrave VR first saw its release in Japan in late 2017, a follow-up to the critically praised by relatively obscure PlayStation 2 third-person shooter Gungrave. Developer IGGYMOB along with XSEED and Marvelous entertainment subsequently announced that the title was making its way West. Now attendees as Anime Expo 2018 will get a chance to try out the title, along with several other XSEED titles.

XSEED and Marvelous entertainment are bringing their entire E3 line-up to the Anime Expo in Los Angeles, giving attendees of the event the chance to get hands on with some titles and see some exclusive trailers, not only for Gungrave VR but also some other titles.

In Gungrave VR, players take control of Grave, a man who has been brought back from the dead to destroy every last trace of an insidious drug called SEED and the criminal organisations ho make and sell the drug. Using his dual guns, players will need to take out people who have been transformed into hideous monsters by the effects of the drug and make his way to the heads of these nefarious organisations.

Players will need to master a variety of play-styles as levels consists of either free-moving third-person gameplay, or first-person action in ways that includes both stationary and mobile sections. The development team believes this approach offers the most variety.

There are an array of different gun attacks to try out, as well as melee attacks using, of all things, Grave’s own coffin as well as time-bending bullet time effects.

XSEED and Marvelous Entertainment will also be bringing long titles such as London Detective Mysteria, Fate/Extella Link and Gal Metal for attendees to try out, and some XSEED personnel will be taking part in panels, such as a Games Localisation Panel and a talk on upcoming XSEED projects.

Anime Expo will be taking place on 5th-8th July, 2018 in Los Angeles. XSEED Games will be located in the South Hall in Booth #4111. further information can be found on the official Anime Expo website. As usual, VRFocus will be sure to bring you the latest on new and upcoming VR titles.

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