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Hand-Tracking for Smartphone AR Apps Is On Its Way

Computer vision company uSens reveal hand-tracking system designed for smartphone AR apps.

Computer vision company uSens revealed last year that it was working on a method of hand-tracking. The company have now taken this idea even further, offering the possibility of hand-tracking technology using only a smartphone camera.

At the Augmented World Expo (AWE 2018), uSens revealed a beta version of the uSens Hand Tracking SDK, which was created to allow developers to integrate 3D motion recognition and tracking into smartphone apps.

The technology uses a smartphone RGB camera along with uSens computer vision and deep learning algorithms to track the full dynamic of the skeleton within the hand, instead of just the fingertips.

“uSens is proud to push AR to the next frontier, by enabling developers to create engaging, enjoyable and entertaining augmented reality experiences made more intuitive, for the smartphone user—by simply moving their hands and fingers in the air,” said Anli He, the co-founder and CEO of uSens, via a statement.

“This opens a whole new world of possibilities for developers, enabling them to create a truly one-of-kind experience for a mainstream audience,” continued He, “Similar to how touchscreens enabled even the most technologically challenged to embrace smartphones, providing an easy and natural way for users to engage with AR/VR objects and environments will play a major role in boosting consumer adoption.”

A company spokesperson has said that uSens is already working with an unspecified major game studio to integrate its tools into existing social media environments and upcoming videogames and apps.

Experts have noted that hand-tracking could offer new methods of interaction with AR apps and videogames, particularly if combined with ARKit and ARCore functionality, which could allow AR apps to transcend the current paradigms.

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