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Hands-on With Prey: TranStar VR DLC

Nina solves some puzzles aboard the Talos 1 space station in the Prey: TranStar VR DLC experience.

Fans of Bethesda’s Prey were excited to learn that the title was getting a downloadable content (DLC) expansion called Mooncrash. Interestingly, this expansion will contain two virtual reality (VR) sections, a multi-player called Typhon Hunter and a single-player called TransStar VR.

Nina managed to try out Prey: TransStar VR during E3 2018, and provided her thoughts on the experience.

Prey: Typhon Hunter VR

TransStar VR was in near-final form at E3 2018, and it puts the player in the role of an employee of TransStar who needs to solve a series of mysterious puzzles while travelling through some finely crafted environments of the Talos 1 space station.

As Nina report, players will initially find themselves in a giant room, and much carefully search the room to find different objects that can be recycled. These objects are placed in the special machine which turns the objects into different coloured blocks.

These blocks then need to be correctly placed in a different machine in order to solve the puzzle and activate the machine. Players will need to deduce what objects in the room can be recycled and what kind of objects will produce the block types needed to complete the puzzle.

Once the machine is active, you unlock a special headset, which when used lets the player see mysterious orbs that need to be scanned. The demo experience at E3 2018 ended there, but the full VR experience in the Mooncrash DLC will be longer and more involved.

Prey: Typhon Hunter - Logo

The gameplay has been described as being somewhat similar to an escape room, which is something that seems to work particularly well in VR, as has been demonstrated before. There was little combat demonstrated in TranStar VR, with the gameplay mostly being devoted towards exploration and puzzle-solving.

The full video preview is available to view below. For further coverage from E3 2018, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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