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Indie Title OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] Receives Massive Quantum Update

The update is free, and new players can get a discount on the main game.

Being a solo indie developer isn’t the easiest job in the world, especially when you’re trying to balance your creative vision with actually getting a product out and making some money. Last year Pranee McKinlay launched OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] on Steam Early Access. Her original vision was scaled back for that release but now with a new team they’ve released the Quantum Update, expanding and enriching the original experience.


The update was achieved by McKinlay being awarded government funding by Film Victoria in December 2017, allowing her to not only revisit the project but also found a new studio called FutureStateMachine and recruit a small team of developers.

OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] premise is about an aimless robot taking a dead end job in a depressing office and learning to care about their mechanical co-workers. While players can get to know their robotic colleagues, the ultimate goal is to escape this dreary workplace.

So what’s new in the Quantum Update? Well of major importance is the videogame is now fully compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The dialogue system has seen an overhaul, giving a richer more immersive experience. More activities have been added to keep players entertained as well as new objects to find and collect. And alongside numerous bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements to make the whole experience better, VR players now have hands!


If you happen to already own OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR] then the Quantum Update is completely free. For those that don’t, FutureStateMachine is offering a special 60 percent discount for a limited time on Steam, dropping the price from £5.99 GBP down to £2.99 until 20th June, 2018. There will also be a version coming to Viveport soon.

For any further updates on OfficeBots: Reality Bytes [VR], keep reading VRFocus.

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