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Is PC VR Falling Behind PlayStation VR?

VR had a subdued year at E3 2018, which left PlayStation VR a clear field.

The eternal debate after another E3 has ended is the discussion on who ‘Won’ the event, with partisans on every side chiming in with opinions on who had the best presentation, pointing to the number of titles announced, or how much was available to demo. While this debate is of questionable value, the various announcements at E3 2018 have thrown up a different variation on this discussion. Namely – is PC VR losing ground compared to PlayStation VR?

Several commentators have noted that virtual reality (VR) at this year’s E3 was subdued at best, but the majority of the VR content appeared to have PlayStation VR Attached as a platform, in some cases, as the only platform.

Below you’ll see the titles that featured during E3 and the run up to it in some regard or had a trailer revealed, as well as what platform they were announced for:


On PlayStation VR


Echo Combat

Elder Scrolls: Blades

Prey: TransStar & Typhon Hunter


Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Creed: Road to Glory

Vacation Simulator


Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

Ghost Giant

Tetris Effect

Trover Saves the Universe

Beat Saber



Firewall Zero Hour

Creed: Road to Glory

Astro Bot

Table of Tales

Vacation Simulator

Space Pirate Trainer

Track Lab

The Persistence

Kill X


While several titles do appear on both platforms, and it’s interesting to note the number that have been ported from their first appearance on PC VR over to PlayStation VR, namely Beat Saber and Space Pilot Trainer, while only Moss has recently migrated over to PC.

Even more interesting to examine are the exclusives for each platform. Though titles like Stormland, Prey and Echo Combat have all been announced for PC VR, thus far only The Elder Scrolls: Blades has been specifically rules out as getting a PlayStation VR port, even though it seems to be getting a release on every other platform known to humankind.

Meanwhile, PlayStation VR is getting cute puzzle-sandbox title Ghost Giant, Tetris Effect which has generated a huge buzz and is being developed by the legendary team behind Rez Infinite, Trover Saves the Universe from master of weird as Squanch, and Dark Souls developers From Software are making their VR debut on the PlayStation VR with Déraciné and in-house PlayStation title Astro Bot.

Oculus in particular seems to be keeping their heads down for the most part, with only Stormland getting a major push. This follows on from the Facebook F8 event, where VR was also mostly side-lined in favour of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), apart from promotion of the Oculus Go.

Meanwhile, HTC Vive seems to have been almost entirely absent, even though Bethesda showcased its VR offering on a HTC Vive unit. The space left by one of the biggest names in PC VR couldn’t fail to have an impact.

The PlayStation VR has been something of a surprise for Sony, who didn’t initially anticipate it doing as well as it has, but they seem to have recognised its potentially now, and are seeking to seize the initiative. Especially since main rivals Xbox have still failed to fulfil the promise of VR for the Xbox One X.

For now, though, the PlayStation VR has an edge, it will be interesting to see if it can maintain the lead, or if PC VR will manage to catch up.

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