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It’s Time to Duel in Darkest Mana: Master of the Table

Dark magic-themed VR card game is out now on Steam for HTC Vive.

A mysterious card game created by magicians summons the spirits of heroes long gone and battles that passed into legends. This is the background of Darkest Mana: Master of the Table, which is out now on Steam.

Calling to mind collectable card games mush as Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, Darkest Mana: Master of the Table lets users build a deck and take on players from around the world.

Users can build a deck from character cards which act as main damage dealers, while magic cards act as support. As you would expect, more cards can be unlocked as you play, or won from opponents. As more cards are collected, the strategy becomes increasingly complex, with new combinations available to confound your foes.

There is a global online option that lets players pit their skills against other players in online ranked matches. He ranking system allows for players of a similar level of experience and skill to be matched together.

For players who are not ready to face the online matches, a single player mode is also available, which lets players face against the AI in over twenty stages that have been designed to test player skill.

Developer IKINA Games created Darkest Mana: Master of the Table for the HTC Vive, requiring track motion controllers to select the cards and choose various options. A variety of language options is available, including English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. It is unknown at this point if there are plans to port the title to other VR systems

The title is available on Steam, priced at £7.19. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

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