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Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive Brings AR Dinosaurs To Life On Mobile, Now Available

Collect, create and battle dinosaurs in the latest augmented reality mobile title.

If you have every hoped to experience the thrill of Jurassic Park in real life then you will be happy to know that the dream is now one step closer, thanks to the release of Jurassic Park Alive. The latest augmented reality (AR) location based videogame title to hit mobile devices.

Jurassic World Alive Logo

Players step into the role of a brand-new member of the Dinosaur Protection Group (DPG), with the mission of saving dinosaurs from a second extinction. The track might sound scary but it will be easier than you think thanks to the technology made available to members of the DPG. Players will need to explore their surroundings looking for these magnificent animals in order to then collect their DNA samples to protect the dinosaurs from being lost forever.

The title might seem similar in style to that of Pokémon GO but Jurassic World Alive offers players a different immersive experience with new gameplay systems to enjoy. For starters, players will not only discover dinosaurs as they travel around but will also be able to develop new ones altogether by combining the DNA of collected creatures to create the ultimate hybrid. Of course players will be able to then train and level up their dinosaurs to then take into player-versus-player battles to see who has the best fighter around.

Jurassic World Alive

Players will also need to make good use of their drone, which is used to collect the DNA samples, leveling it up to allow better DNA collection and longer battery life. Progression will be earned from completing tasks and finding supply drops which become available at random within the open world for players to collect.

Jurassic World Alive was developed by Ludia as part of a partnership with Universal with Alex Thabet, President and CEO of Ludia saying: “With Jurassic World Alive, our goal is for audiences to be fully immersed into a world with living dinosaurs in a way that’s never been possible until today. We’re giving them the opportunity to explore and connect with like-minded players while building and interacting with these powerful prehistoric species.”

Players who want to start hunting and collecting dinosaurs can do so now on iOS and Android devices with capable AR support. The title also includes a VIP membership for a monthly fee of $9.99 (USD) which is optional. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the title in the future.

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