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Kona Finally Makes it to Virtual Reality

Horror/mystery title Kona gets DLC to convert the title into a VR experience.

Fans and Kickstarter backers of Parabole’s Kona have been eagerly awaiting the title’s arrival in virtual reality (VR), a feature that was promised back in 2015, when the Kickstarter was originally launched. After a long wait, the time has finally arrived, as Kona VR is now available.

Parabole have announced that to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the release of Kona, users will be able to purchase Kona VR as DLC which will add the option to explore the world of Kona in VR.

Kona puts the player in the shoes of a private detective who has been hired to investigate the vandalism of a rich industrialist’s summer home in Canada. The local community is suspected of involvement, but upon arriving at the house, the detective finds the area deserted. The player needs to uncover the mystery of the area and discover what is really going on.

Players will be able to explore the carefully crafted environment of Quebec as it is depicted in the videogame. Users will be able to use motion controllers to pick up and examine objects within the VR environment and take in an atmospheric, immersive soundtrack created by Quebec folk band Curé Label.

Kona VR is available on Steam for Oculus rift and HTC Vive. The Kona VR DLC is priced at £4.79 (GBP) for the DLC alone, or a bundle containing the Kona base videogame along with Kona VR is available for £16.01, a 10% discount on the normal price. The Kona VR DLC is also available on PlayStation VR.

VRFocus managed to preview Kona: Day One when it was originally released, before the VR compatibility was introduced. The preview said: “Most surprising, however, are the survival elements in which Kôna truly separates itself from the pack. The unforgiving blizzard that surrounds players conceals some very real threats. For example, you might find yourself unexpectedly facing a pack of dogs as you journey through the wilderness. They can either be distracted using items from an inventory or scared off with a warning shot from a rifle.”

Further information can be found on the Steam store page. VRFocus will continue to bring you updates on new and updated VR titles.

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