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Kopin Golden-i Infinity

Kopin Reveal The Golden-i Infinity; A Voice-Controlled AR Headset Powered By Your Phone

Attaches to eye wear to turn them into an AR display.

The manufacturer of microdisplays and smart glasses components, Kopin, have announced a new augmented reality (AR) device that runs of a mobile device and is able to be voice controlled, attaching to any suitable glasses.

Kopin Golden-i Infinity

Dubbed the Kopin Golden-i Infinity, the smart screen is intended as an enterprise level device that is able to interface with existing hardware to offer a small, affordable and salable solution to workplace AR integration. By attaching the screen to a pair of suitable eye wear, a user is able to transform that into an AR display which will provide useful information all while being connected and powered by a device such as a smartphone. This means that the Golden-I Infinity is able to remain small but off-loading unneeded components and keep it all within the attached smartphone, leveraging that hardware via a USB-C cable.

Planned to be made available by the third quarter of this year, the Golden-i Infinity is said to retail for around $899 (USD) with a device weight of 1.5 ounces. The attachment to eye wear is done so magnetically and is compact enough to be easily carried around without causing much fatigue or stress on the users.

Thanks to the built in support for voice controls it further enhances the opportunity for hands-free user interaction by allowing applications to controlled without the need to pull the smartphone out of the users pocket. Of course, this means of interaction is still supported and can be used should the user wish to. On Windows 10 and Android devices the on board voice assistant can also be accessed with the voice controls on the Kopin Golden-i Infinity.

Kopin Golden-i Infinity

It features a 854×480 resolution microdisplay with a 20-degree field of view and voice-controlled zoom, able to work at up to 2,000 nits in outdoor use. The Kopin Golden-i Infinity also features an embedded 13-megapixel camera, microphones and speaker which can allow for video calls if required by the user.

With the move to power the Kopin Golden-i Infinity via a USB-C cable, users on an enterprise level or not will be able to see benefits it brings to the device. With quick and effective handling of audio, video, data, and power, the Kopin Golden-i Infinity has made a bond move opting for this type of connection. The headset will work with Android device running a Snapdragon 820 and 835 chip with support for the 845 planned as well.

For all the latest on the Kopin Golden-i Infinity in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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