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Leap Motion Releases Schematics for AR Headset

Schematics for Project North Star AR headset go open source.

Last month, Leap Motion caused quite a stir in the world of augmented reality (AR) when it showed off the prototypes for its AR headset, dubbed Project North Star. As part of that same project, the company are now releasing the reference design for the AR headset.

The release of the schematics for the reference design forms part of a wider initiative to make Project North Star into an open source AR hardware and UX design centered on interaction.

The information being released consists of the headset design along with a short guide on how to build a North Star headset. The open source is being released under an Apache license, with interested parties able to obtain the documentation through the Leap Motion website.

Leap Motion became known initially for its work in hand and finger tracking before branching out into creating a design for an AR headset. The company says its aim was to create a device that allowed for a high-quality AR experience while still remaining comfortable.

The prototype headset produced for Project North Star had a large field-of-view, with each eye seeing an AR field-of-view of 95° x 70° with a 20 degree vertical (downwards) tilt and a 65% stereo overlap and 1,600 x 1,440 pixels for each eye.

Leap Motion intends to continue to post updates to the release package and is panning on releasing further AR UX designs, such as virtual wearable and a Desk user interface. Leap Motion is hoping that the release of the schematics and documentation will stimulate discussions on AR technology and help to improve accessibility and accelerate experimentation in the field of AR.

“Our vision is to create a future where the physical and virtual worlds blend together into a single magical experience.” Leap Motion said in a media statement.

For further news on Leap Motion and Project North Star, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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