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Life In 360°: Being The Fisher King

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a Kingfisher?”

For a series on VRFocus that so often ends up focusing on flight and nature, we’ve not that often dipped into both at the same time by looking at birds. You would assume that that was rather due to the logistics involved in filming them, and probably why the rare times we have it has been in connection with more feathered friends of a more grounded persuasion – like that time we were surrounded by flamingos.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoStill, I thought it would be particularly nice if I hunted down something involving birds (or Aves if you want to get really scientific about it all) and at first, I thought I’d found a real little gem showing off a bird that was one of my favourites growing up – the kingfisher.

With its rapid flight and electric blue and gold plumage the kingfisher is an easily identifiable but difficult to spot addition to the British countryside. However, we won’t be seeing an actual kingfisher this time around, instead we’re taking on the role of a one. Filmed at The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales’ Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve and Welsh Wildlife Centre in Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire. Camerawork mimics the flight patterns and actions of the kingfisher in and around its habitat.

Also, for some reason, there is a giant effigy of a badger which makes the whole thing look like some remake of The Wicker Man. Crikey, BBC’s Springwatch is getting dark isn’t it?

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly like a Kingfisher? If yes, then you’ll go WILD for our Flight of the Kingfisher 360 wildlife adventure.”

VRFocus will be back on Monday to begin another trinity of 360 degree video examples.  Until then be sure to check back regularly throughout the day for the latest news and features.

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