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Life In 360°: Into The Sunset

Our week of relaxation concludes with an appropraite bookend to Monday’s video.

It’s Friday and you know what that means? It means we’ve actually nearly survived this year’s edition of E3.  The team out in Los Angeles will be finishing off things today. Grabbing last interviews, taking last meetings, all the good things like that.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoToday, as we have all this week, we’re continuing (and concluding) our little miniseries on relaxation and how 360 degree videos are being used to help people take some down time and chill out. As well as helping everyone get a much needed 40 winks. Speaking as someone currently operating on about three and a half winks, this sounds like a perfectly fantastic idea.

We started the week on Life In 360° with a trip to a beach for a sunrise, so it only makes sense we bookend Wednesday’s video by heading back to the seashore for a beautiful sunset over the rippling waves. This particular 360 degree offering comes courtesy of Esteban Uyarra on YouTube, but unfortunately there’s not much in the way of information about the what, when or where. Still, it’s from 2017 so it’s a bit more recent that Monday’s video and the tags include the name of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. So, we must assume that this is where the recording has been made. As with yesterday, there’s no music or anything like that, but rather just the sound of the movement of the waves as they crashing against the rocky shore we appear to be on.

VRFocus will be back with another example of how people are using 360 degree video on Monday, where you can expect something very different indeed; but that is for then and we shall see you then.



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