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Life In 360°: Thou, My Most Beauteous Land

Which is to say, that we’re off to the Faroe Islands.

Wednesday’s stop back in the UK was a nice change of pace, and since writing that article a number of other videos featuring looks inside high concept design buildings have popped up on my search thanks to Google’s little algorithms. But I’m going to save those (if there are any of particular interest, that is) for another time. Instead it’s time to get on our travelling shoes once more.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoI try, and I hope succeed mostly, to have these posts show as many different corners of the world as possible, and if the opportunity arises. Simply because the world is so different, there’s so much to see – and not everyone gets to see it in person. We’re not going to travel quite as great a distance as we have previously, and we’ll be sticking to Europe on this occasion.  What we are doing is taking a quick trip north of the UK to a point roughly equidistant between Scotland, Iceland and Norway but that in actuality part of the Kingdom of Denmark… which is not to say they are a part of Denmark.

Confused? Well don’t be. We’re off to the Faroe Islands, which is part of what is known as the ‘Kingdom of Denmark’, which makes up the Faroe Island, Greenland and the modern country of Denmark. However, the Faroe Islands are entirely self-governing and the archipelago consists of eighteen rather rocky islands.

Random facts about the Faroe Islands include that they are one of the world’s leading nations in producing sustainable electricity with 50% of the nation’s electricity deriving from renewable energy sources. That the Faroe Islands are not actually a member of the European Union, despite their political setup and location. And in the entire archipelago there are a grand total of three sets of traffic lights. All in the capital Tórshavn.

Captured using the Samsung Gear 360 earlier this year, Photos x Raffy take us on a little tour of the islands and some of the sights that can be seen. VRFocus meanwhile will have something different for you to see at the same time next Monday. Be sure to check the site out throughout today and the weekend for all the latest.



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