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PlayStation VR

Liveblog: Unite Berlin 2018 – ‘Engineering the Best Possible Experience for PlayStation VR’

Lloyd Crawley of Sony Interactive Entertainment discusses development.

VRFocus is once again providing liveblog coverage of sessions (where we can) at this year’s edition of Unity’s Unite Berlin. Over three days this week, creators who use Unity are coming together to discuss all the recent developments in both software, hardware and the usage of both. Naturally, both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences are at the event and how immersive technology is being implimented around the world is a topic a number of speakers are getting into.

Next, the subject turns to videogame development. As many of you no doubt know the addition of VR has changed how many developers look at the development process. What was considered to be ‘the rules’ has had to be rewritten. Even more so on console.

“This talk will cover common issues that arise when developing for PlayStation VR. Gleaned from real-life examples of issues that prevented VR titles from passing PlayStation certification, the talk will explore several common scenarios faced by developers and offer high-level technical strategies to mitigate the associated problems.”

It is given by Lloyd Crawley of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Your liveblogger for the event is Peter Graham.


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