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MelodyVR Adds New Artists and New Territories

Users in Europe will now be able to access MelodyVR and enjoy work of newly added artists.

With the Oculus Go stand-alone virtual reality (VR) headset now being available in Europe, many new users will be on the look out for new apps and experiences to try out on the hardware. Just in time comes music VR app MelodyVR, which is adding some new artists and new territory support to its app.

MelodyVR was launched earlier this year and has been created to offer original experiences from a range of artists, including massive stadium shows, intimate VIP sessions or festivals in various places around the world.


Users of MelodyVR are able to control the view point, able to switch to various designated viewing spots to pick the perfect angle to take in the action, whether that’s on the front row, far back in the heart of the crowd or right there on stage with the band.

A host of new British artists are now being added to the MelodyVR library, including Tokio Myers, UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs and current number 1 iTunes artists Tom Walker.

“When you’re out on stage, it can feel like the entire show has flashed by in an instant. So it’s amazing to re-live those moments in MelodyVR… I’m suddenly seeing the performance from a whole new perspective, standing in the audience’s shoes and they can see it from mine”says Tokio Myers.

“We’ve watched videos of us performing before of course, but this is something else. MelodyVR actually puts you on the stage – you’re not watching it on TV, or on social media – you’re really there and in the moment.” says UB40.


In addition, MelodyVR is now extending its reach to new countries, so users in France, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Austria and Belgium will be able to try out the app.

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