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MicroD Launches 3D Room Planner For Art Van Franchising

Art Van Franchising leverages MicroD’s 3D Room Planner and augmented reality technology to increase sales.

Product visualization and website technology leader in the home furnishing industry, MicroD, have launched a 3D Room Planner and augmented reality (AR) application for Art Van Furniture, a Michigan-based Top 100 retailer. The program was introduced at the Spring High Point Market at the Art Van Furniture show space.


This came about thanks to Art Van Franchising searching for a new way to leverage the latest technology in their sales process to potential store owners and in turn, see an increase in sales and workplace efficiency. After MicroD had launched the 3D Visualzation and AR software in early 2017 and offered a virtual reality (VR) experience at Fall High Point Market last year as well, Art Van Furniture chose the company to customize a 3D solution for their franchise development. MicroD’s OmniVueXR 3D room planner and AR applications, along with MicroD’s capabilities for 3D model development, served as the platform for Art Van Furniture to launch their solution to a new, integrated sales process for their growing retail store owner customer base at market.

“You hear it across retail right now, ‘technology, technology, technology’ and our franchising customers are no different,” explains Drew Dolski, Director of Franchise Development, Art Van Furniture. “They want to be entertained and engaged just like a retail customer in a showroom. So, we need to show a different experience to our potential store owners than other businesses out there.”

Art Van Furniture

By leveraging MicroD’s 3D room planner and 3D models to show potential retail store prospects a customized showroom filled with Art Van’s exclusive products. Thanks to the solution, the retail prospect can see the benefits of partnering with Art Van Franchising by building their showroom to include the exclusive product, in the form of high quality 3D models, from Art Van Franchising.

Thanks to the AR technology being used within the solution, Art Van Franchising retailers at market a able to provide a real-time view of their storefront with the addition of exclusive branded signage and banners made in the MicroD 3D platform.  “Every step of the sales process can be visualized and customized for the retailer using this 3D technology by MicroD,” says Keith Johns, Vice President of Operations, MicroD. “It is a very unique way to approach using 3D as part of a company’s growth strategy, and we’re excited to see it contribute to the goals of Art Van Franchising.”

Arts Van Franchising will be continuing to work with MicroD to provide their solution to customize, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest.

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