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Microsoft And Samsung To Host 48 Hour WebXR Hackathon Challenge In San Francisco

All interested in developing immersive web based applications are welcome.

Microsoft and Samsung have teamed up to put on a 48 hour WebXR Hackathon Challenge as part of the WebXR Week San Francisco. The event calls on those interested in developing immersive web based application for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) or mixed reality (MR) by leveraging the web to build amazing experiences.

WebXR Weekend Challenge

The event will allow developers, designers and artists to the Microsoft Reactor Studio for a full weekend of intensive WebXR fun. Offering the chance for people to expand what is possible with web technologies, the hackathon is a creative space that allows for experimenting and creation of new ideas all leveraging WebXR and immersive technologies. The event will have a number of categories for attendees to pick from and tackle including education/training, medical, social good, gaming/entertainment, and plenty more.

During the 48 hour period there will be opportunities for attendees to network with each other before getting straight into the action with team formation and playing their idea for the hackathon. Lunch and dinner is scheduled into the weekend and their will also be a round of presentations and judging to find the winning teams for each category and their creation over the 48 hour period.

The WebXR Hackathon Challenge is being sponsored by some big names including Microsoft, Samsung, and Mozillia. Part of the WebXR Week San Francisco, there have been a number of different events put on to offer developers, designers, entrepreneurs, companies, and community organizers to come together and put on a series of events all in celebration of WebXR and immersive technologies.

Back in May it was announced by Google that developers would be able to use the WebXR API within Chrome as the company made it a standard part of their popular web browser, enabling millions of users able to be able to enjoy immersive content.

The event will be starting today June 29th at 6:00 PM local time (PDT) and run through to Sunday, July 1st at 6:00 PM at the Microsoft Reactor Studio. For those are are interesting in attending the event you can find more details including, including the full schedule and tickets, over on the eventbrite page here.

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