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Gungrave VR keyart

More Gungrave VR Screenshots Arise

A closer look at the action with new Gungrave VR screenshots.

Fans of PlayStation 2 shooter Gungrave were delighted to learn that the series would be making a return in virtual reality (VR) form. Gungrave VR promises the same action-packed experience as its predecessor, along with some new twists to match the PlayStation VR platform.

The developers and publishers behind the project, including XSEED and Marvelous Entertainment recently showcased Gungrave VR at E3, and are now giving fans a closer look at what they can expect with the release of some new screenshots.

Gungrave VR screenshot

Gungrave VR stars Grave, a man raised from the dead to fight criminal organisations who make and peddle a dangerous drug called SEED, whose effects can transform users into hideous monsters. Players team up with a character who fans might be familiar with, Mika Asagi, to eliminate the last of the drug from the city and take down the criminals who create and distribute it.

Players can expect free-moving third-person sections which will be familiar to those who played the previous Gungrave titles. Players will have numerous weapons to try out, including Grave’s trusty pair of pistols and a giant coffin to use as a melee weapon.

There will also be stationary first-person sections which will utilise the PlayStation VR to let players feel they are participating in a classic arcade shooter, only with the added impact of VR. Players will need to take every last advantage to defeat monsters and criminals, including the time-bending effects of Bullet Time.

Jason Hayato Higa, Localisation Lead at XSEED has said that the team considered Gungrave VR to essentially be Gungrave 2.5 in terms of where it fits in with the wider series, so fans can expect the title to remain faithful to what has gone before.

Gungrave VR is expected to be exclusive to the PlayStation VR, though a release date for the title is yet to be confirmed. The new screenshots are available to view below, and VRFocus will be sure to bring you any updates on Gungrave VR and any other upcoming VR projects.

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