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Astro Bot Rescue Mission - Key Art

New Screenshots for PlayStation VR Exclusive Astro Bot Rescue Misson

♫♪♩ He is Astro Bot… He is Astro Bot…

As the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 conference continues, Sony have now released a number of new screenshots for their upcoming virtual reality (VR) title, Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The title was revealed late last month and features the fan favorite character from The Playroom and The Playroom VR, all of which are from developer Sony Japan Studio.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission - LogoAstro Bot Rescue Mission is a platform action title which will see the return of the cute robots as players lead the Bot captain through 26 different stages, over five different worlds, to rescue their lost crew. This will require a lot of running, jumping and punching as each stage presents its own challenges and puzzles that will need to be overcome, before facing off against a huge boss. Players role in this title is that of a big robot that is following the Bot captain around, offering a large scale of freedom on how players want to position themselves as they adventure through the title.

Writing on the PlayStation blog back at the time of the reveal, Nicolas Doucet, creative director and producer on the prokect wrote: “this time we took a new direction to challenge a genre that is close to the heart of many gamers out there (including us!): platform action games!”

“Every world you traverse ends with a huge boss battle which creates some really memorable moments.Imagine turning to find a 30 meter tall Gorilla towering above you, biting the building you are standing on!” Doucet continues. “The sense of the scale in VR really is amazing and is a great match for the gameplay offered by a platform game..It definitely needs to be seen to be believed!”

These new screenshot showcase some more of the colour title featuring a range of locations, characters and gameplay systems. From deep below the ocean waves to up above the clouds, Astro Bot Rescue Mission looks to take players on a grand adventure. Some of the bosses are also revealed in the new screenshots including a look at what can only be described as a giant, lava octopus.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is currently in development from Sony Japan Studio for PlayStation VR. For all the latest on the title moving forward, keep reading VRFocus.

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