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The Walker key art

New Screenshots of The Walker for PlayStation VR Wander into View

Winking Entertainment’s The Walker is set to hit PlayStation VR later this year.

Forthcoming PlayStation VR exclusive The Walker has remained pretty elusive since its announcement earlier this year; however the reveal of a western release last month is likely to begin building the anticipation. With that, a new selection of screenshots taken from the videogame has been revealed.

The Walker key art

The Walker casts the player as the last known descendant of the ancient, mystical Fangxiang family, famed for their accomplished mix of swordsmanship and sorcery. A demonic army is sweeping through Shanghai and you stand alone to meet them, fighting off waves of the monstrous militia horde and battling between sweeping boss showdowns. In The Walker, players can infuse a variety of weapons with special powers stand as they attempt to stand their ground against the forces of evil.

A modern horror story in a major Asian city, modern Shanghai meets myth and magic in this epic horror combat game exclusive to PlayStation VR. The screenshots revealed from the videogame however, included below, demonstrate little of this action. Instead concentrating on a single shadowy figure for the most part, dressed head-to-toe in a black robe, and a just a single shot of one of the enemies players will face in The Walker.

The Walker promises to deliver a full 360-degree experience in a virtual rendition of Shanghai, split across six distinct districts. Players will use the PlayStation Move motion controllers to represent their hands in-game, though exactly how movement – suggested to be smooth locomotion – will be handled has not yet been revealed.

Set for release later this year, it’s not currently known whether or not the retail edition – published by Perp Games – will launch alongside the digital release via the PlayStation Store. Hopes remain high that more details will be revealed at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Los Angeles, where VRFocus are on the show floor reporting back with all the latest VR news.

The Walker can be pre-ordered now via Amazon and Play Asia, despite not yet having a specified release date. VRFocus will keep you updated with any further information regarding the western release of The Walker and other VR titles from Winking Entertainment.

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