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OpenSpace Uses 360 Degree Cameras To Capture Construction Sites

An immersive visual record of a construction site is now possible using OpenSpace AI framework.

Workers in offices are used to the idea of being able to look over previous versions of their work to track changes. Up until now, however, this has not been possible for the construction industry but that is about to change thanks to OpenSpace.

OpenSpace have launched an AI framework which uses images captured on 360-degree cameras to give builders and construction workers a photographic memory.

By using the OpenSpace framework, construction workers can effectively travel through time to view various phases of a project in 360-degrees, being able to move backward or forwards through a visual record.

OpenSpace works with commercially available 4K 360-degree cameras. Workers attach the cameras to a standard hard hat, and footage is captured as they are at work. The video is then uploaded and OpenSpace automatically stitches together the various captured videos into s single record.

OpenSpace can chart a worker’s path around the job site and tranfer that path directly into the digital plans. Once the video is uploaded, OpenSpace allows the entire team to see a 360-degree record of any point of interest.

The company hopes that the AI-created visual record assembled by OpenSpace will help fill accountability gaps, close RFI updates and promote security inspections, among other potential applications.

“Office workers have had the ability to create, edit, share, and revisit their work for a long time, but that has never truly existed in the construction industry,” said Jeevan Kalanithi, co-founder, OpenSpace. “That’s because creating, storing, searching, localizing and indexing visual data, from the real world, has never really been possible until now. It’s our mission to build great AI software that enables construction workers to do more.”

Technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360-degree videos has many implications and applications for areas such as architecture and construction, VRFocus will be sure to report on any further developments in this areas.

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