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Pixvana Creates New VR Video Playback Technology for SPIN Play

The new “overlay” functionality helps improve visual fidelity.

Pixvana, the company behind the SPIN Play platform has announced the launch of its new “overlay” virtual reality (VR) video playback technology to improve visual quality.

Pixvana VRCasting image2

Now available on the updated SPIN Play platform, the new version uses an Oculus Compositor Layer to deliver high-quality 60fps video for fully immersive 360 degree with monoscopic content. The technique works by bypassing the typical rendering path, and instead sending pixels directly to the display, effectively ray-tracing through the lens.

This means creators and producers can now upload their own content to SPIN Studio and stream it to Oculus Go at the highest quality possible.

“For years we’ve been focused – and pushing – on increased playback quality to help move the industry and VR adoption forward. Finally, audiences can now view immersive content in the sharpest, highest quality by either streaming or downloading it to the Oculus Go,” said Mike Swanson, Senior Architect at Pixvana in a statement. “Similar to John Carmack’s newly re-released version of ‘Henry’, you really have to put a headset on and experience these improvements first-hand, in order to appreciate the sharpness of the higher resolution. We are excited about these types of innovations and collaborations that continually advance the industry, making VR experiences more and more life-like to the viewer.”

Pixvana VRCasting image3

“This is a true breakthrough in the VR industry,” Swanson continued. “It’s analogous to when consumer audiences were first introduced to high-definition television and the entire viewing experience shifted forward. We’re opening up this enhanced experience and making it more broadly available to creators and audiences everywhere.”

In the near future Pixvana will also offer the video playback technology across Oculus devices in stereo.

Last month saw Pixvana announce a collaboration with camera rental agency Radiant Images, so whenever a company hires equipment it’ll gain free access to the SPIN platform. For any further updates from Pixvana, keep reading VRFocus.

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