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PlayStation Announces Countdown To E3 2018

PlayStation start to party early with a series of pre-E3 announcement livestreams.

With E3 almost upon us, the hype train has begun rolling, with Sony shovelling coal onto the fire with the announcements of its ‘Countdown to E3 2018’ which will start the ball rolling a little early, by announcing some titbits before the big event even starts.

The Countdown to E3 has been created to whip up hype for the PlayStation E3 2018 Showcase, and starting on Wednesday 6th June, there will be new videogame announcements and other updates from PlayStation.

PlayStation countdown to E3

Each day leading up to the big PlayStation event at on Monday 11th June at E3 will see a livestream which will count down the days with various announcements and updates, with the PlayStation Blog following up the announcement with additional coverage, videos and screenshots.

The livestreams will begin on Wednesday 6th June, at 8am Pacific, with a new announcement livestream being broadcast every day at the same time until the final one on Sunday, 10th June.

The countdown to E3 2018 schedule is as follows:

  • 6th June – New PlayStation 4 title with PlayStation VR Support
  • 7th June – Release date for upcoming Worldwide Studios Title
  • 8th June – New PlayStation 4 title announcement
  • 9th June – New PlayStation VR Title announcement

10th June – An eagerly anticipated title comes to PlayStation VR

The livestream will be broadcast on the PlayStation.Com website as well as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. Further information can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

Fans and analysts are already speculating on what the announcements will be, with many wondering how the Countdown will tie in to the leaked E3 show schedule, which allegedly shows titles such as Bioshock Resurgence, Spider-Man and Resident Evil 2 with a PlayStation VR compatible mode.

For the latest news on new and upcoming VR titles and what is happening at E3, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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