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Moss screenshot

PlayStation VR Physical Release for Moss Now Available In Europe

As Quill also turns Pro – PlayStation Pro.

Moss has become one of the most acclaimed and generally beloved titles to be released on the PlayStation VR, with its adorable protagonist, the mouse Quill, capturing hearts across the world. For those who prefer to admire their videogames on a shelf, Moss is now available as a physical disc for PlayStation VR across Europe.

The physical release is now available in multiple retailers, including GAME, Xtralife, Smyth toys, Media Markt, Amazon and others.

Moss screenshot

Moss has been fully localised into Spanish and Italian and voiceover support has been added for Japanese and subtitle and user interface support for Chinese, and there has also been a new update released for the PlayStation VR.

The update features some new features, including three new save slots, so players can let friends and family try out the title without having to overwirte their own progress. Support for the PlayStation 4 Pro has also been introduced, which brings higher graphical fedelity to the world of Moss. Namely the following:

  • Enhanced water quality with player interactivity and planar reflections throughout entire game
  • High definition rendering for in-book sequences
  • Best render resolution throughout all environments

Moss got top marks from the VRFocus, with the review saying: “Moss is a flawlessly crafted experience starring a character that absolutely deserves to be the face of modern VR. Every inch of the world shows attention to detail, and a story is woven that draws you in, making you truly invested in the world and in Quill as a person. All that can be wished for is that there was more. Get on that, Polyarc.”

Moss screenshot

PC VR users can also enjoy Moss now, since the title is available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, so all VR users can adventure alongside Quill.

For future coverage of Moss and other VR videogames and experiences, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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