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PlayStation VR Title Megalith Playable At E3 2018

Developer Disruptive Games will be taking their upcoming title to the show.

Announced back at Paris Games Week, virtual reality (VR) title Megalith is in development by Disruptive Games and is a first-person title in which players take on the role of a huge, terrifying creature. Set in a bleak but stylised world that is near watercolour in aesthetic, the title will give players a chance to play as a titan on a quest to become a powerful god. Now, ahead of the  Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 show, the title has been confirmed to VRFocus as being playable at the event.

This action-packed title will allow players to immerse themselves in the role of a titan and unleash powerful attacks to compete with others on their quest to become a god. Set in an ancient world full of conflict, players will need to use a combination of teamwork and skill in order to survive. Using a free locomotion system and featuring destructible environments players will need to find and define their own fighting style by customizing their abilities and movement.

“We love playing online games and have spent many years crafting multiplayer experiences before forming  Disruptive.” The team write on their website: “Megalith is the culmination of everything we have learned along the way. We have been blown away by the potential of VR gaming, and are excited to be pushing the platform as it evolves.”


On top of the oversized titans and fights that will be the center of attention within Megalith, players will also be able to experience a world that features a refreshing, if ruined, designed. Each part of the world reflects the conflict that is taking place around them and learning the environment, and how to use it, will be another element within the strategy of the title that will ensure victory of players. Knowing when to rush in and attack or take cover may be what ensures victory or defeat in this immersive title.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from E3 2018 so make sure to stay tuned for more as the show starts to get underway. You can see the announcement trailer for Megalith below as well.

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