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Pokémon GO Reveals Professor Willow’s Global Challenges

Now trainers around the world can join in the fun of the upcoming Pokémon Go Safari Zone and Fest 2018.

With three exciting Pokémon GO events coming up just around the corner the Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs has revealed a number of new global challenges for those unable to attend the upcoming events in person. These Professor Williow’s Global Challenges will give trainers around the world a chance to work together to complete a number of different tasks and unlock a range of different rewards.

Pokémon Go Summer Tour 2018

During the weekends of Pokémon GO‘s special live events, with the Pokémon GO Safari Zone, Dortmund, taking place this weekend June 30th until July 1st, players all around the world will be able to complete Field Research together. For the purpose of the challenges, the global community has been split into four different areas: the Americas; Europe, the Middle-East, and Africa; Asia-Pacific; and the main research site, which will be the location of the live event.

Each of these live events will have four different challenges that need to be completed by the global community which will each offer a different reward, with a bonus reward being unlocked if the four challenges are beaten. To make the offering a bit more sweet there is an ultra bonus reward that can be unlocked if all twelve challenges are completed and their respective bonus unlocked.

Pokémon GO Global Challenges

For the Pokémon GO Safari Zone, Dortmund, trainers at the event are tasked with competing 100,000 research tasks with the other three regions needing to compete 5,000,000 research tasks each. Completing these tasked with unlock their respective region-specific reward such as bonus catch experience or raid experience. During the Pokémon GO Fest 2018, Chicago, the the event site and regions are tasked with the same challenges but rewards including candies and eggs. Finally, with the upcoming Pokémon GO Safari Zone, Yokosuka, the challenges remain the same but the rewards are all stardust related.

This global challenges offer trains a great way to work together for a common goal along with allowing those unable to attend the live event a way to celebrate the popular augmented reality (AR) title locally. As mentioned, should every challenge be competed their will be a ultra bonus made available to everyone at a later date which has yet to be revealed.

Pokémon GO is available to download now for both Android and iOS devices and for more on the title in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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