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PvP VR Fighting with Virtual Fighting Championship

Fighting games go VR in upcoming Early Access title Virtual Fighting Championship

Fighting games have been a mainstay of e-sports since the very early days. The fighting videogame fan community is large and dedicated, many of them veterans from the days of the original Street Fighter 2. Some fellow travellers in that community have set out to try and create a fighting game completely built fro virtual reality (VR).

Virtual Fighting Championship is being created to be a VR PvP fighting game which lets players use jabs, hooks and crossovers to take out opponents in a virtual cage fighting experience.

The purpose of the title is to allow players to take on other real world players, meaning players would not be facing off against algorithmically-controlled AI opponents, but instead would be matched with other players.

The experience of Virtual Fighting Championship uses room-scale tracking to let players move around the arena to get into the best tactical position. In addition to the standard moves you might expect for boxing, there are also special moves that can be unleashed, functioning similarly to how the famous ‘hadoken’ in Street Fighter 2.

Each different avatar character has its own characteristics which allows for players to pick a character which matches their preferred play style. The currently revealed characters include Karl who unleashes powerful punches, Poison who uses a venomous gas to disable opponents and Fala who uses an electric chakram to take out those who stand in her way.

The developers at independent studio L&L say there will be more characters added to the roster in future.

The title is planned to appear on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on 14th July, 2018, with ambitions for a full release after roughly six months. The Early Access version will have three completed characters and special abilities with LAN local multiplayer or p2p match-making.

Further information can be found on the Steam store page. VRFocus will bring you further information as it becomes available.

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