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Salary Man Escape Finds its way onto PlayStation VR

Can you escape 78 maddening levels?

Prolific virtual reality (VR) publisher Oasis Games has announced the launch of its next title for PlayStation VR, a comedy puzzle experience called Salary Man Escape. 

Salary Man - Screenshot

Originally revealed in March with a May launch date, Salary Man Escape is the brainchild of Red Accent Studios (RAS), focusing on the one thing everyone wants to free themselves from, the daily work grind.

Set in a surreal, noir-esque office environment, in this block puzzler the employee (you) is dwarfed by an endless sea of desks, monitors and keyboards that entrap them. To free themselves from this insanity players must move objects considering weight and structure to create a route to freedom. Helping them on this journey are “motivational” messages such as “It could be that your purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others”, seeming like they’re there to mock rather than help.

“We set out to create a physics-based VR game with the theme of escape,” said Michael Michael (aka MM), lead designer at Red Accent Games. “Initially the team began with futuristic, sci-fi concepts but ultimately the familiar setting of an office and where the mind goes of an employee who desperately wants the work day to end, complemented what we were trying to achieve with the gameplay in Salary Man Escape perfectly.”

Salary Man - Screenshot

If you’re a fan of physics-based puzzles then Salary Man Escape has plenty on offer, with 60 basic levels, and 18 PlayStation-exclusive hidden levels (unlocked by collecting hidden coins) across six chapters. Each chapter introduces a brand new puzzle mechanic to the mix, making puzzle progression increasingly more complex and difficult.

Salary Man Escape should provide around 8 hours of enjoyment for players with a cheerful, classic ’80s Japanese soundtrack to accompany them on the journey. For any further updates from Red Accent Studios, keep reading VRFocus.

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