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Save The Lems in VR Puzzle Platform Title

Developer Universe Worth Experiencing is bringing quirky puzzle-platform title to Steam Early Access.

Lems are tiny cartoonish wolf-like creatures that are running around a colourful landscape in search of a new lair to call home. Developer Universe Worth Experiencing has announced that its virtual reality (VR) puzzle-platform title Lems will be out soon in Steam Early Access.

In Lems, players use the VR motion controllers to create and control platforms that the Lems can run and jump on in order to help them reach their goal.

The levels are filled with traps and obstacles that the players need to use their platforms to help the little Lems avoid. There are four different types of platforms currently available in the title, each with different properties.

There are more than 50 levels in the game, and levels can be adjusted by applying three different mods to change the level to give players a new challenge. Each level can contain up to four spawning points, and up to four Lems can emerge from a single spawning point.

Lems is due to emerge into Steam Early Access sometime in June 2018, and the development team are expecting that it will take between 9-12 months in order to add in the additional features that the team has in mind.

Prior to the full release, the development team at Universe Worth Experiencing hope to add over 150 levels, and additional mode to add to the three already available, a two-player cooperative mode and a level editor.

The development team are actively seeking feedback from the Steam community and are encouraging players to leave their thoughts and ideas on the Steam forum for the title.

A free demo is already available, and upon its early access version will support the HTC Vive upon its release. It’s unknown if there are any plans to bring the title to other VR platforms at this point.

Further information and updates can be found on the Steam store page and VRFocus will continue to offer news on new and upcoming VR titles.

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