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Nightstar Alliance

Sci-Fi Arcade Shooter Nightstar Alliance Unveils Release Date

Build up a fleet of starships to take on the alien menace that destroyed Earth in arcade shooter.

Independent developers Tiny Leviathan Studios may only have three full-time staff but that hasn’t stopped them from aiming high with its upcoming science fiction themed arcade shooter Nightstar Alliance.

Nightstar Alliance puts the player in command of a powerful battlecruiser as you attempt to create an alliance that can stop a dangerous enemy that is trying to destroy all of humankind.

Nightstar Alliance

Players follow the story of the fleet commanders who survived the assault on Terra and then begin the arduous process of attempting to find a new safe haven in the galaxy’s outer rim planets. Things do not go quite as planned, and each of the commanders will need to be recruited before you can form a new fleet to beat back the alien menace.

The Nightstar Battlecruiser you control can be customised with a variety of weapons and utility modules, including weaponry such as lasers, blasters, flak cannons and even nuclear devices. Offensive or defensive shields can be equipped, as can repair units or devices to change rate of fire or amount of damage.

Players will also be able to build up an armada and control the inventory, with the fleet coming to your aid in battle, so giving those other ships the right equipment could give you a crucial edge. The story of those ships and the commanders who control them is revealed as you play through in-game cutscenes.

Nightstar Alliance is currently due to be released into Steam Early Access on 16th June, 2018. The developments team plan to keep the title in Early Access for up to six months in order to gather feedback from the Steam community and add additional features, such as post-game bonus bosses.

Nightstar Alliance

Upon its release into Early Access, Nightstar Alliance will be fully functional and feature complete and compatible withHTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality, but will only have two chapters of the four chapter story available. Further information can be found on the Steam store page.

Further news on new and upcoming VR content will be covered here on VRFocus.

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