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ARKit 2

Scope AR CEO Talks About ARKit 2.0

ARKit technology has had a significant impact on the augmented reality sector, according to Scope AR CEO.

ARKit was something of a game-changer for augmented reality (AR). The unveiling of Apple’s AR toolkit raised the profile of AR within the mainstream, and gave developers several new tools to develop interesting an immersive AR experiences. Scope AR has been using those tools, and its CEO has commented on what the arrival of ARKit 2.0 might mean.

The new version of ARKit was unveiled by Apple at the 2018 World Wide Developers Conference, also known as WWDC. The immersive technology took centre stage with the reveal of ARKit 2 by Senior Vice President of Software and Engineering Craig Federighi.

ARKit 2 / Lego

Apple’s ARKit allowed for apps to recognise flat planes such as tables, so digital objects could appear to sit perfectly on them, acting as though they were part of the real-world environment. The ARKit toolkit also allows for dynamic lighting which adds to the realism of the virtual objects.

ARKit 2 allows for multiple users to engage with a single AR experience within a common environment in real-time, such as a videogame. Apple also used incredible popular toy LEGO to demonstrate how ARKit 2 could recognise a LEGO model and build an AR environment to suit.

Scope AR have been using the ARKit technology to help create its Enterprise-focussed AR platform that helps employees access information such as step-by-step instructions and video conferencing, so advancements in ARKit technology could have significant impact on the effectiveness of the app.

“ARKit 2 shows a maturation of the platform and offers developers the tools needed to create a great user experience. Whether it’s a consumer playing a game with friends or an enterprise employee working on a complex piece of equipment, the addition of persistence and ‘shared experiences’ takes into account life’s everyday interruptions and lets users pick up right where they left off in their AR experience, which is a huge step forward in delivering on the full potential of AR.” said Scott Montgomerie, CEO and co-founder of Scope AR.

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