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Sniper Rust VR Brings Action-Packed Gameplay Next Week

Zatun’s marksman title will be available on Steam and the Oculus Store.

Indian based development studio Zatun found success with their Sniper 3D Rust title on iOS and Android and back in May, revealed it would be coming to virtual reality (VR) on PC. Now, the studio have announced that the title will be bring action-packed marksman gameplay to players next week.

Sniper Rust VR

Sniper Rust VR is described as being a globe-trotting VR adventure in which players take on the role of a sniper trying to put down an armed militia uprising across international borders. Players will need to make use of all their skills as they complete eighteen levels set all around the globe, offering different challenges and objectives to complete.

Though players will be focused on taking down a number of targets, they will also have to face off against a number of different enemy types that will be hellbent on taking the player down. This includes engaging in long-range, one-on-one dual with another sniper, to a large group of assault troops charging the players position. To help you take them down though, each location will feature a number of traps that can help deal some massive damage to the enemies all without needing to move from your location.

To accompany you on your sniping adventure, the title also features a full orchestral arrangement composted by John Leonard French, ensuring that during the story moments and the intense firefights, players will be able to feel epic with suitable music. All of this, plus a wide range of different weapons and tools will ensure that players also have a high quality and immersive experiences within Sniper Rust VR.

There is currently a demo for Sniper Rust VR available now on Steam and the Oculus Store that gives players a taste of the action they can expect to find within the full release. Sniper Rust VR will be releasing full on June 19th, 2018 on Steam and Oculus, with support for the Oculus Rift. Zatun note other headsets can be used but the title only officially supports Oculus’s headset.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the title in the future so stay tuned for more.

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