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SpringboardVR and VooDooVR

SpringboardVR Announces Partnership With VoodooVR

Bringing turnkey virtual reality offerings to Europe.

SpringboardVR, the dedicated platform for virtual reality (VR) operators that transforms the user experience, allowing people to run their entire location from a single device, has announced a partnership with Voodoo VR. This partnership will see the company able to offer turnkey VR solutions for the Location Based Entertainment industry throughout Europe.


VoodooVR is a turnkey solution company that focuses on LBE immersive experience including VR, mixed reality (MR), and projection mapping. VoodooVR have worked on a number of projects including the experience inside the expansive VR Park in Dubai, as well as the EnterSpace venue in Stockholm. With over three million minutes tracked on the SpringboardVR platform and locations in over 32 countries, SpringboardVR powers experience management and content distribution for VR titles worldwide.

VoodoVR founder Alec Lane, said: “VoodooVR is committed to ensuring seamless user transitions from real to virtual worlds within LBE, we design and install every space with that goal in mind. Our intention is to contribute towards shaping the future of digital entertainment experiences, and believe that although the potential of VR is limitless, the delivery must be precise.”


This new partnership will enable both parties to provide a reliable and robust solution to customers in Europe, creating new opportunities for more immersive LBE and location based VR experiences. As the technology continues to develop, so two with the solutions that the two can provide laying the path forward for bigger and better consumer products.

Co-founder Jordan Williams, SpringboardVR adds: “From our first meeting it was obvious that the VoodooVR team is committed to excellence and is the gold standard for providing turnkey VR solutions. We believe that Location Based Entertainment is a critical “front-line” in the battle for consumer adoption of VR. A partnership with VoodooVR means we can help even more people open and operate a successful, profitable Location Based VR center. We’re excited to partner with a team that is dedicated to bringing a quality experience to thousands of first-time users.”

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the newly formed partnership in the future so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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