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Firewall Zero Hour - Key Art (E3 2018)

Teamwork and Strategy Form the Core of Firewall Zero Hour

Some of the developers from First Contact entertainment stepped up to discuss upcoming VR first person shooter.

First-person shooter title Firewall Zero Hour has some fresh new screenshots earlier in the E3 2018 timetable, and now its developers at First Contact entertainment are following that up with a chat about what players can expect from the upcoming title.

Firewall Zero Hour involves two teams of mercenaries fighting for victory. Players can choose to control the action with either the gun-like PlayStation Aim controller, or stick to the classic feel of the DualShock 4.

Firewall Zero Hour - Screenshot (E3 2018)

Adam Orth said: “We’re really close to finishing the game now, and every engine is on in the studio right now.”

Hess Barber added: “Teamwork is super crucial. Its enhanced by VR and when you combine the pace of the kind of games that we’re talking about and the immersion there’s so many different tactical pieces that fit together to make the game its own special thing.”

The death cam is a unique feature of Firewall Zero Hour which lets new forms of strategy develop: “When you die in Firewall you’re taken out of the game, but you can cooperate with your team in death in a weird way.” Orth said.

Barber continued: “The death cam lets you switch cameras once you’re out. You can change cameras and look around and you’re still communicating with your team. Each camera has a name, so you can tell your team exactly where the other team is.”

Once the other players are whittled down, it becomes a deadly one-on-one dual, with a host of invisible spies aiding each combatant: “You know you’ve got all the other team members helping, it gets very interesting because there are very few places that they can hide.”

Firewall Zero Hour - Screenshot (E3 2018)

Teams can adopt an offensive or defensive role, as Orth explains: “There’s a laptop in each level full of crucial data, and you’re either an attacker trying to get it, or a defender trying to protect it.”

Barber expands on the role of the defender: “If you’re a defender, you’re using mines and traps and C4, getting that area all prepared, knowing the other team is going to come in.”

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