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The age old Battle of Cat vs Dog Continues in Paws ‘n Claws

VRFocus sniffs out the tower defence title.

The world is split into those who love dogs and those who love cats, there’s no in between – those who say they love both are lying. Naturally, videogame developers have catered for this long held rivalry, with titles that are either cat or dog biased. When it comes to Go-Ah! Games and its latest virtual reality (VR) experience, Paws ‘n Claws, the studio definitely seems to prefer mans best friend.   

Paws 'n Claws screenshot1

Paws ‘n Claws is a tower defence experience where you play a dog who’s in charge of keeping the mangy cats in check. To do this you’ll have a range of defences that can be placed in pre-designated locations along a fixed route the cats take. Weapon towers include a rocket launcher, stun, sniper, area slow down, and many more, all of which are upgradeable to increase their damage and rate of fire.

In addition to the towers auto fire feature, you can also teleport to each one and unlock a particular weapon to help dispatch the cats faster. For example, standing on the rocket tower will equip you with a shoulder mounted water RPG, this needs pumping up with the other controller and then fired for splash damage across multiple enemies.

As you’ll see from VRFocus’ gameplay video at the bottom of the page, things start off fairly easily with each wave gradually increasing the amount of cats and some of their variations. From standard brown moggies, to blue ones that throw projectiles at you and ones with protective cardboard boxes on their heads which absorb damage.

Check out VRFocus’ full review of Paws ‘n Claws which goes into greater detail on what we thought of the HTC Vive title. And for further updates from Go-Ah! Games, keep reading VRFocus.

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