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The Father Of VoIP Is Building The Virtual Workplace Of The Future

vSpatial are building a virtual reality workplace to evolve productivity.

Richard Platt, the “Father of VoIP” has put together a team with over 200 years of collective experience in telecommunications, networking, cloud, and virtual reality (VR) to build the workplace of the future, vSpatial. This new platform is being created to leverage the immersive technology of VR and allow remote workers and teams to be better connected and become more productive in their working days.


Platt worked in enterprise communications for over 30 years, playing a critical role in the creation of the first commercially available IP phone in the mid-1990s which lead to the evolution from traditional phones to internet-connected phones. His company, Selsius Systems, was acquired by Cisco and with Platt leading the development of their IP phone and Call Manager software, quickly become a full-fledged communications product. With the growth of VR, Platt saw potential to use the technology and evolve it into a new workplace solution. It was here that the start of vSpatial was born and after getting together with Selsius co-founder, David Tucker, the two starting building their team and plan for the VR workplace takeover.

“Young professionals place a high value on the ability to work flexibly and remotely but also in having a sense of purpose and connection with their co-workers.” Said vSpatial CEO, Jon Sallaways: “In virtual reality those two priorities are no longer in conflict. The future of work will allow people to have immersive collaborative experiences with a tangible sense of presence from anywhere in the world and we are excited to be a part of bringing that opportunity to the workforce of the future.”


After seeing the growth of VR, Platt foresaw a future where the immersive nature of VR would complete transform the way people work. A person would no longer be limited to the 2D-world of a phone, tablet, or lapto screen. Conference calls would no longer lose every bit of their productive steam and the power of VR would enable works to have more screen space then they could ever need. This is what makes the foundation of vSpatial and the team are committed to developing a stunning, immersive, and productively virtual workplace that will change the way people work moving forward.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on vSpatial in the future, so stay tuned for more.

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