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MarsVR Project

Three Colorado Companies Are Working Together To Map Mars

They are starting on Earth, but have big goals.

Three companies in the Colorado area have announced they are teaming together to form the “Dream Team” on a project map out Mars and delver the result within virtual reality (VR). The team is made up of SynaptixGames, AeroScout, and Georanger, all of which established this unique partnership that combines their respective skills in geospatial intelligence, 3D mapping with drones, and VR gaming and simulations with the same goal in mind, Mars.


Before the team can start mapping Mars and putting it into VR they need to start their work on Earth, at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), only 160 miles went of Grand Junction, CO in the Utah desert. The MDRS is a project created by the Robert Zubrin, engineer and founder of the Mars Society. MDRS is a full-scale, two-story Mars habitat where scientists work all year round to conduct experiments in the same fashion as they would be carried out on the surface of Mars, once a base is established there. Participants even wear simulated EVA suits when working outside the habitat, to further enhance the data that is being gathered at the site.

The MarsVR project, as the team are calling it, will take advantage of cutting edge technology to map the Utah desert surrounding that of the MDRS. Once mapped, this data will be used to re-create the entire environment, including the habitat and other on site facilities, in VR. This initial stage of the project will be a key step towards mapping Mars as it will train the teams that are scheduled to work at the MDRS.

MarsVR Project

From here, the team will use similar technology to allow virtual exploration of Mars. The project will make use of data from existing Mars missions in order to build the digital recreation of the planet for user to explore within immersive VR. Once more, everything that is generated by the project will be made available to the public as open source material, allowing the general population to experience the MDRS and explore Mars.

As the team continue to work on the project, VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest in the future, so stay tuned for more.

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