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Tilt Brush

Tilt Brush Goes Back to Basics Adding a Beginner Mode

There’s also new brushes and tools in the update.

For those wishing to get creative in virtual reality (VR), the original and still one of the best is Google’s Tilt Brush for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Launched way back in 2016 the app has seen numerous improvements in that time with the latest arriving this week. The update adds a bunch of new tools including a beginner mode for first timers.

With its array of features Tilt Brush can be a bit bewildering to start with so when first starting the software users will be treated to a beginner mode. This mode includes only the core feature set to get you acclimatised. When Tilt Brush is opened for a second time you will then be prompted to try all of the tools in the Advanced Mode. Additionally, you can also switch between modes at any time with a press of the Mode Button.

For those who aren’t new to Tilt Brush, the update has added 12 new brushes that allow users to create different textures and volumes. One of them is the Hull Brush for volumetric modeling. This new brush allows designers to create anything from a natural landscape to more lifelike characters.

Or how about adding some sound to your design. An updated set of sound effects has been included that integrate with your workflow. The Tilt Brush team said: “We have listened to your feedback and our revamped audio library retains Tilt Brush’s audio identity while creating a more pleasant creative environment.”

And for the most advanced users of Tilt Brush some additional tools to increase productivity are now available:

  • New Pin Tool: With the new Pin Tool, you can lock objects in place so that they are unselectable. This tool allows you to quickly pin or unpin many elements in a row. Just select the Pin Tool button in either the Quick Tools Panel or the Labs Panel and pin away.
  • New selection options: We have added new two selection features, the Select All Tool and Invert Selection Tool. These allow you to select all items in a sketch as well as invert selections that you have made. Long press on the Selection Tool to access these features.
  • Recall Mirror tool: If you have ever lost your Mirror in a busy scene or teleported away from it in your sketch, you can use the Recall Mirror Tool by long pressing on the Mirror Tool. This will teleport it right next to you.
  • Rapid undo/redo: If you want to undo a bunch of brush actions you can press and hold the undo controller button until the scene has reverted to the version you want. The same is now possible for redo.

Tilt Brush is available through Steam for £14.99 GBP. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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