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NSWC PHD and Moback Inc

U.S Navy Partners With Modock, Inc To Research AR And VR Capabilities To Enhance Fleet Readiness

Research and development is underway to use virtual and augmented reality to improve the U.S Navy’s fleets.

In an on going move to use the latest in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) technology to better prepare the capabilities of their forces, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD) has announced a collaboration with industry partner Moback, Inc to research and investigate specialized AR and VR uses to enhance the U.S Navy’s fleet readiness.

NSWC PHD and Moback Inc

The collaboration will specifically focus on the ways that AR and VR technology can be used to support naval training, maintenance, lifecycle engineering and product support. Future integration of the technology is panned to target long-distance support of shipboard technology and combat weapons systems as well as improving training efforts for the fleet.

“I’m excited for this partnership,” said NSWC PHD Commanding Officer, Capt. Ray Acevedo. “Working on AR and VR capabilities is critical to our fleet support mission and will allow us to significantly increase the lethal capabilities of our Navy.”

The partnership efforts of the NSWC PHD and Moback, Inc has been formalized through a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA). This becomes part of the on-going Naval Innovative Science and Engineering 219 AR technology research project. The research that will be carried out will not only ensure that the technology can be used to further the readiness of ships, staff and support but also allow for a chance to rework the training material as a whole.

NSWC PHD and Moback Inc

By leveraging the immersive technology the U.S Navy will be able to provide more actuate and up-to-date training without the need for real-life models or setup. The virtual environment ensures that users are able to experience a one-to-one recreation of training materiel all while being fully engaged in the hands-on training.

“Moback’s efforts with AR and VR is a good technological fit for the work that PHD does,” said Mark Jue, science and innovation technology lead at NSWC PHD. “This CRADA will help our workforce build technical relationships with industry to develop augmented and virtual reality capabilities that meet fleet requirements.”

For all the latest on the ongoing research and development from Moback, Inc and the NSWC PHD as the collaboration continues, keep reading VRFocus.

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