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Eventual VR Turns to SeedingVR For Funding

Company looks to raise funding for enterprise-level VR collaboration platform by using SeedingVR.

An increasing number of businesses are turning to virtual reality (VR) for a variety of uses, including prototyping, design and collaboration between colleagues who might be in different countries or on different continents. To meet demand for this kind of technology, Glasgow-based company Virtual Revolution Technologies is turning to SeedingVR in an effort to seek funding to create enterprise-focused multi-user VR.

Eventual VR are aiming to create thousands of massively multi-user VR experiences built on top of the Eventual VR platform. Said platform will be able to support millions of simultaneous users, creating a space where clients from small businesses or large multinational corporations can create their own custom-tailored VR spaces.

The company says that Eventual VR began as an idea back in January 2017, to create a signle environments that can be used by an unlimited number of participants removing the need for users to travel to meet in a physical space.

Peter Dobson, CEO says: “Shared VR worlds have the potential to disrupt a massive amount of existing tech for businesses, and simplify day-to-day operations. We are building them now. We build custom worlds for any enterprise, organisation or event. We can build a world with millions of simultaneous users for a global concert. Or we can build a world for just a few users such as for a wedding or company meeting.”

“Eventual VR is the only platform currently delivering bespoke virtual reality environments to enterprise clients with limitless users across a range of devices,” Dobson continued, “Including mobile-powered VR. Our technology is developed in-house and can be infinitely scaled thanks to every component being best-in-class and built from the ground up.”

The company is seeking £500,000 (GBP) in investment funding. Interested parties can invest in Virtual Revolution Technologies by visiting the SeedingVR page. The minimum investment amount is £100 and ordinary shares are priced at £100 per share.

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