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Vuzix Partners with Plessey to Upgrade AR Smart Glasses

Plessey’s microLED technology will be incorporated into future Vuzix smart glasses.

Vuzix has emerged as one of the most well-known providers of enterprise-focussed augmented reality (AR) smart glasses technology, having worked with a number of other companies and brands. Vuzix have now announced that it is partnering with Plessey Semiconductor to introduce Plessey technology into the next generation of Vuzix AR smart glasses.

Vuzix have selected Plessey Semiconductor to help create the next iteration of AR smart glasses. The company will be integrating the microLED-based Quanta-Brite light engine into future AR smart glasses.

Vuzix Blade

Quanta-Brite is based on Plessey’s proprietary gallium-nitride-on-silicon or GaN-on-Si technology which allows for the creation of very bright and uniform light sources which can be used to illuminate advanced display engines. The result is up to 50% smaller than existing light systems and offers advantages in terms of power efficiency and weight.

“This development with Vuzix, the leading provider of next-generation augmented reality glasses, is a significant endorsement of Plessey’s GaN-on-silicon microLED approach,” said Dr Keith Strickland, Chief Technology Officer at Plessey. “Monolithic microLED technology is fast emerging as the only one that can provide high luminance in a very small form factor with minimal energy consumption, necessary for reducing costs and enabling lightweight battery-powered products for a range of emerging consumer and industrial applications.”

“Plessey’s Quanta-Brite™ microLED™ technology can be a major enabler of the future of augmented reality,” said Vuzix President and CEO Paul Travers. “As well as delivering high-efficiency, low-power and small-size illumination capabilities, the very high level of luminescence of the Quanta-Brite™ light source can also enable the development of end products with a sleeker form factor, which is a key attribute of our waveguide based Smart Glasses and critical to mass market adoption.”

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Vuzix also recently announced it was working with Qualcomm to incorporate the Snapdragon XR1 platform into future smart glasses. For future updates on Vuzix and other AR technology, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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