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Walmart Release New Online Virtual Apartment Shopping Experience

Explore a curated apartment in Walmart’s newest virtual reality offering.

In it’s continued effort to use the latest technology to compete with other major retailers, Walmart have announced it will be introducing a new way for customers to shop on its site in the form of a virtual reality (VR) apartment experiences. Dubbed the 3D Virtual Shopping Tour, the experience allows customers to explore a virtual curated apartment that showcases a number of products which they can then purchase directly from the experience.

Walmart 3D Virtual Tour

By taking a curated apartment that showcases the 70 or so different items in the best way, customers are treated to a nature and real-life shopping experience. As they move around the virtual tour a number of prompts will enable them to gain more details about the product along with finding a link to the purchase it from Walmart’s website. Including in the items are a number of private label offerings and national brands, ensuring their is a product for everyone within the virtual tour.

Because the experience is designed for use on the web, it means that users are able to explore the virtual apartment on their computer with a compatible web browser or immerse themselves in it using a mobile device and Google Cardboard or a Samsung Gear VR headset.

Walmart 3D Virtual Tour

Walmart would be able to easily tailor the 3D Virtual Shopping Tour to fit the seasons and market trends by simply updating the experience with a newly curated apartment. Being able to showcase a large number of items at a given time as well, it makes it a value for money display which could even be installed into physical locations allowing the company to further maximise their floor and display space.

Walmart has continued to embrace the immersive technology in a number of ways including using VR to train their staff, which they announced last year. Now with the new 3D Virtual Shopping Tour, the company will be able to offer a more personal shopping experience for their customers shopping online which in turn could lead to increased sales.

Those looking to try out the new 3D Virtual Shopping Tour and see what products Walmart has curated for the experience can do so here. For more on Walmart and their uses of VR technology in the future, keep reading VRFocus.

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