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Zerolight Discuses Their Automotive Haptic Solution

Working with Ultrahaptics and Meta to build the most immersive commercial solution.

Automotive visualisation specialists Zerolight have been developing high quality content to enable consumers to get up close and personal with automotive products in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for some time. Recently, VRFocus’ Nina Salomons got to sit down with Joseph Artgole from Zerolight to discuss their latest advances including a new solution that provides haptic feedback to users experience automotive demonstrations.

Showcasing their new solution, Zerolight have partnered with Ultrahaptics to use sound wave based haptic feedback to build a more immersive experience that offers deeper immersive for users. “So we’ve partnered with Ultrahaptics and Meta to deliver what we believe is an intuitive interactive experience which we will see in the future.” Artglove explains: “So we’re combining augmented reality, haptic feedback through the use of sound waves to bring a sensation to the palm of your hands, and we’ve putting that in an automotive experience where you can actually configure a vehicle. You can actually going and feel the engine vibrate and then you can blow up the car and actually see the individual components around you

Zerolight opted to use this method of interaction to ensure that they solution could be used by anyone. Artglove goes on to explains that although a number of successful AR solutions are already on the market they are designed for mobile use. This is seen a strong install base, but to look to the future Zerolight wanted to move away from mobile and focus on being able to deliver outstanding quality within their immersive experiences.

“The idea is to deliver an immersive experience which are becoming common within the automotive industry at the moment.” Artglove adds: “Everyone is interacting and exploring with a car at life size scale to configure and digitally discover it. What we want to do is take that experience future and showcase what’s going on in the future using augmented reality. With those experiences we need to make them as accessible as possible to open up the marketplace even further.”

The full interview can be seen below and Artglove goes into a lot of detail about where Zerolight hope to take the solution and the thought process behind it. For more on Zerolight in the future, make sure to keep reading VRFocus to stay up to date on all the latest.

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