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Zoink Games Discuss Ghost Giant At E3

Two of the development team take to the stage to provide more information on upcoming title Ghost Giant.

At E3 2018 Zoink Games introduced a new PlayStation VR title called Ghost Giant. Some of the developers behind the title took to the stage during E3 to provide more details on what players can expect.

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Showing a world filled with humanoid animals, the player takes the role of the titular Ghost Giant and befriend a character called Louis, helping Louis out in his daily life.

Louis is described by the developers as a very lonely and sad character who works as a farmer alongside his parents. When the Louis first encounters the ghost giant, he reacts in fear, but after some coaxing, you make friends with him.

The work on the farm that Louis does is exhausting, and the player as the ghost giant can assist, making things much easier for Louis and his family. This takes the form of tasks to perform and puzzles to solve.

Klaus Lyngeled of Zoink Games said: “When I started the project, we had done a lot of story-based games before and I thought it would be really cool to have the player in the game alongside the main character. In VR you can really be there with the character and I thought it would be cool to be able to become friends with the character on screen.”

Ghost Giant - Screenshot

Lyngeled added: “Much of the gameplay involves going around this cute little village and listening to what people want or need and finding different ways to solve these problems.”

The interaction within Ghost Giant is much like a sandbox in some ways, as there are many ways that the world can be explored, manipulated and interacted with. Developer Olov Redmalm explained: “We wanted a feeling like a doll’s house where you could open windows or take off the roof and look inside.”

A release date for the title is yet to be confirmed, but VRFocus will be sure to bring you more news as it becomes available

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