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A Link To the Virtual Future – Zelda Boss Battles in VR

A fan project recreates classic Zelda boss battles in VR by using Unreal Engine 4.

Many videogame fans were disappointed that Nintendo have chosen to sit out the modern resurgence in virtual reality (VR) technology, though many commentators pointed to the Virtual Boy debacle as a reason way. That hasn’t stopped ambitious fans from experimenting to see what big Nintendo properties might look like if transferred into VR, as a new fan project that brings Legend of Zelda into VR demonstrates.

Legend of Zelda fan and independent developer known online as Aklar_45 has utilised Unreal Engine 4 to transfer some of the most memorable boss battles in Legend of Zelda history into VR.

Though there are now several instances of third-person VR titles, most people believe that VR works best when in first-person, with the player effectively taking the role of the protagonist. The developer has also taken this approach, showing how a first-person viewpoint could be used in the fight against Zelda villains.

Two the currently available proof-of-concept videos show a battle against Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess enemy, the giant skeleton Stallord, while another shows a fight against the most famous villain of the series, Ganondorf himself.

The videos portray the player grabbing the iconic Master Sword and Shield to engage in melee combat, before switching out to a bow and arrow for ranged combat. Incoming projectiles can be deflected with a sword swing, or the shield can be raised to simply absorb them.

The developer has used Unreal Engine 4 to carefully re-create the environments as they appeared in the original titles, transposed into VR and using modern lighting and effects, giving new weight to things such as collapsing dungeons floors due to the first-person perspective.

Sadly, since this is an unlicensed fan project, there isn’t much chance of this ever getting a release as an official Nintendo product. That said, VRFocus will be right there to report – and celebrate – if Nintendo ever joins the VR scene.

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