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Add VR 180 Photos to VR Videos

VR Photo Converter tools lets VR videos be converted to VR stills.

Immersive videos such as 180-degree or 360-degree videos are rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent ways for users to discover virtual reality (VR) content. It is also one of the easiest ways for creators to get involved with creating their own VR content. As such, any new tools are services that make the creation process easier are in high demand. One company is catering to this demand with the release of a new tool.

VR Photo Converter lets users insert VR180 photos into VR videos, by combining the left image with a right images to create a side-by-side photo which uses the same projection process as Google’s VR180 Creator tool.

The Google VR180 Creator has become very popular as a means to convert VR180 videos, as it simplifies the process for creators by allowing them to use standard video editing tools that creators may be more familiar with.

By using the VR Photo Converter, users can do the same thing with VR 180 photographs. One the left and right eye images are combined, the resulting image can be inserted into a VR project by using software such as Adobe Premiere, or similar.

It is also possible combine a range of VR photos to create a VR slideshow, something that the company behind the tool, Japplis, say has advantages in terms of high image quality and size, along with its stable nature meaning the viewers are much less likely to suffer from simulation sickness symptoms.

The tool has been designed with VR180 cameras such as the Lenovo Mirage Camera in mind, but the developers say that users can use the Google Cardboard Camera to capture 360-degree VR photos, which can then be converted into VR180 photos using the VR Photo Converter.

Lenovo Mirage Camera image2

Further information and a link to the VR Photo Converter tool can be found on the Japplis website. As usual, VRFocus will bring you further news on new tools and services for VR content creation as it becomes available.

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