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Amazon VR Kiosks

Amazon Opens VR Kiosks In India To Promote Prime Day Sale

The company will start selling HTC Viveport apps soon as well.

Amazon have a history of exploring the virtual reality (VR) field having not only pushed sales of the technology on their storefront but also by releasing their own experiences as well. Now it seems Amazon is getting ready to expand their VR offerings with not one but two new initiatives. This includes offering HTC Viveport titles through their online store along with opening a number of VR kiosks.

Amazon VR Kiosks

The news comes via venturebeat, who report that the new Amazon VR kiosks will be installed and used to promote the companies coming Amazon Prime Day in India. The kiosks will be used to promote the Prime Day sale taking place on July 16th, with the 10 locations including the City Walk in Delhi and Inorbit Mall in Mumbai. These kiosks are being designed to attract customers at existing brick-and-mortar retail locations to engage with the sale and the new technology.

By using an Oculus Rift headset in partnership with the Oculus Touch controllers, the VR kiosks will allow users the chance to interact in 3D with items that will be on sale over the 36-hour event. This includes viewing the products up close or at real-life size, along will placing clothes and jewelry onto holographic models to get a better understanding of how the product will look.

Amazon VR Kiosks

“Customers can check the fit & fall of the latest Marks & Spencer dress on a 360 degree hologram, pick up an Amrapali necklace and inspect the intricate details up close, open a Bosch microwave placed in a kitchen countertop to visualize how it would look in their home, play with an Iron Man figurine from Hasbro in virtual reality and more.” Explains Amazon’s Akshay Sahi.

Amazon’s other initiative will be to sell HTC Viveport applications and videogames directly through the amazon store. The company has sold titles through HTC Viveport and Steam VR in the past, but this new partnership will offer a new means to distribute titles. Additionally, developers will be able to opt into the service and sell through Amazon in the “coming weeks”. Titles that are purchased through Amazon will be automatically added to a users’ HTC Viveport library.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Amazon and their VR ventures in the future, so stay tuned for more.

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