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AR and MR Training Firm Re’flekt Secure Investment Money

BASF Venture Capital confirm over $4 million in funding injection for enterprise-level AR company.

Munich-based company Re’flekt are one of a growing number of businesses that are tapping into the emerging market for augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) training. The firm has seen some early success, and has recently announced a new funding injection from technology company BASF.

Re’flekt focusses on developing enterprise-level applications for training and maintenance of factories, aircraft and complex machinery. Its main product is a SaaS platform called REFLEKT ONE, which lets companies transform existing CAD data into AR applications.

The company has announced that BASF Venture Capital has confirmed an investment of $4.4 million (USD). This followers from a funding injection from Bosch in 2016. Bosch were originally a client of Re’flekt, and decided to support the company by becoming an investor.

The REFLEKT ONE platform has drawn praise from users and clients in industry, as REFLEKT One works across several platforms, whether it is head-mounted display (HMD), tablet or smartphone, allowing for considerable flexibility.

The system allows for easy access to remote experts, so workers can call on specialist help at any time. The system uses machine vision technology to map CAD drawing information into a real object, allowing users a better grasp on its functions. This system lets remote experts see from the device camera so they can instruct the worker, even drawing images to help the worker along.

“The Re’flekt platform helps machine operators and maintenance personnel eliminate mistakes and significantly increase uptime,” says Wolfgang Stelzle, founder and CEO of Re’flekt. “We’ve received fantastic feedback from the industry and the rapid growth of our customer base convinced us to take additional strong partners like BASF on board. With the spin-off of our 360-Video-Unit, Viond, in the first quarter 2018 as well as the opening of our offices in the US, we can now fully focus on our core expertise, Enterprise Augmented Reality and increase our technological lead in the space.”

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