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AR & VR are the Focus During South Korea’s Global Developers Forum 2018

Dedicated to VR & AR, the conference highlights the country’s focus on the technology.

South Korea, with it’s growing number of virtual reality (VR) arcades, is easily one of the leaders in the immersive industry embracing the unique entertainment properties of the technology. Currently the Global Developers Forum (GDF) 2018 is under way and VRFocus are in attendance to see what the conference and its many presentations and exhibitions have to offer.

GDF 2018

The forum is taking place at the Pangyo Gyeonggi Creation Center for Economic Innovation which is on the doorstep of a number of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology and development companies. The event is all about bringing together the wider developer scene to share information and knowledge to help push the industry forward, taking VR and AR to new heights. The event has speakers from all over the world and is expecting over 1,000 visitors to attend during the three day period that the event is running.

As shown in the below video captured by VRFocus’ Nina Salomons, the event opened with a stunning spectacle of a Korean musical piece that was all about creating VR and AR content. This is a unique way to open up a developer conference but is a special way to celebrate the industry that so many work in to produce stunning experiences for a wide consumer audience.

GDF 2018

The event was opened by president Kim Seung-jong of Gyeonggi Provincial Promotion Agency who expressed a focus on actively supporting the VR/AR industry in Gyeonggi Province. There was even a ceremonial bridge that was connected to represent the connections between South Korea and the main partners that the country’s companies have established over the years.

One area that is being given a lot of attention at GDF 2018 and rightly so, is the VR eSport scene that is taking the country by storm. South Korea of course has a long history of being home to many successful professional gamer’s and with the rise of VR, the VR eSport scene has taken off rapidly. In the below video you can see how some of that scene has been recognised by the conference and the industry that is building the experiences taking the entertainment scene by storm.

The GDF 2018 conference is happening now until 21st July, 2018 and VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest from the event so stay tuned for more.

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